Covid 19

Covid 19

Coronavirus – A Message from the Chairman

I hope you all continue to be well in these trying times.

With our last members’ meeting taking place on 7 March, shortly before the Coronavirus restrictions started to come into force, I was previously able to report that there had been no significant impact on Gresley Society activities so far. By now we all expected that the pandemic would either be over, or at least well on its way out. As is only too obvious, sadly that is far from the case and it remains very unclear when life and events will get back to normal. Consequently we have had to cancel all our members’ meetings for the foreseeable future, although we earnestly hope that these can resume sometime in 2021.

I am pleased to say that, thanks to our indefatigable Editor we are still able to publish the Gresley Observer, and I hope that this will continue to provide some much needed and interesting reading material while so many other activities are denied us.

Once again, my best wishes to you and your families. Please keep safe, and we look forward to meeting again in due course.

Philip Benham